Ulysses S. Grant Memorial

Ulysses S. Grant Memorial

The lions of the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial were the inspiration for this site.  They had made an impression on me, long before they gained prominence in the opening credits of “House of Cards” on Netflix.  I have walked by these great cats, rendered in blue-green bronze, nearly every day for over a decade and they have become old friends that greet me warmly each morning.  They have always stood out as my favorite feature of the sprawling memorial though the intricate and extensive battle scenes that sit to either side of them, and the towering statue of Grant on horseback get more attention.

Lions Guarding Steak

These lions at the entrance to the Capital Grille restaurant appear to be reproductions of another work but nothing turned up on the restaurant's web site.  That may require some research.

Lions, Lions Everywhere...

Given the sheer number of lions on this building I think it reasonable to use the word "festooned" when describing it.  I do like the wavy details on either side of the head echoing the mane.  There are easily 150 lions with one head under each window on at least three sides of the building.  I may have to do a count one day.